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Zugo provides search based products that deliver monetization solutions for online publishers, content owners and distributors. Zugo provides a number of search based products including Branded Start Pages, Branded Toolbars and the Zugo StartNow Toolbar. Most of these products are installed through bundled installations.

Publisher description (from Zugo Ltd)

Established in 2008, Zugo was created to bridge the gap between online search monetization solutions and online software and web publishers. Zugo’s innovative solutions not only provide online monetization opportunities, but also help to increase each brands awareness and audience reach. Today, Zugo provides customized one-stop solutions to hundreds of partners and clients globally. Zugo provides these partners with...  Read more
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Programs by Zugo Ltd

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Zugo Ltd
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Zugo Search Toolbar is a generic web browser toolbar that installs a search feature and various buttons for social integration and links to web sites such as MyHeritage.com and various search... More about Search Toolbar
Zugo Ltd
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StartNow is a web browser toolbar that changes your homepage and redirects valid searches. StartNow toolbar is developed by Zugo and it gives you instant access to multimedia search, Facebook one... More about StartNow Toolbar