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Sendori operates a custom public Domain Name Server (DNS) infrastructure. Leveraging Anycast routing methodologies, DNSSEC security and an editorially curated directory, we deliver cutting edge name server technology. Deployed across seven geo-located facilities in the United States, we distribute traffic to multiple data centers providing some of the fastest uncached name resolution speeds available. Sendori EULA - "The Sendori application updates your DNS settings to prevent you from navigating to undesired or dangerous websites. Redirects you from Non-Existent Domains (where no domain exists) and from “typo squatting” domains (domains that take advantage of a typographical error to lead you away from your intended website destination) to the web pages where you aimed to navigate, to category relevant web pages where Sendori may have a partnership, or to a search results page giving you additional navigation or search choices."

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Our goal is to be the only direct navigation company that connects people with the brands they really want the first time they try. We are now helping thousands of people each day successfully navigate on the web while avoiding malware sites. We are also creating compelling solutions for our partners (advertisers, ISP's, App developers) that help generate revenue and protect brand equity. For Internet users, the...  Read more
Publisher URL: www.sendori.com

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Sendori, Inc.
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Sendori is a web browser plugin and layered service provider filter that is typically installed through a bundled installation. The plugin is designed to intercept Internet web traffic and provided... More about Sendori