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"Removing various unwanted and unused programs in the computer is easier and simple with Should I Remove It? This program manages to do a good job of making sure that your computer is free from bloatware and programs that you don't need. It even helps you decide on what to keep or remove with its color coded bars and ratings." (Best Of Media Editors Review)
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"A helpful tool when you decide whether you're going to keep a program. Plus, it includes detailed info on programs' uses and functions as well as the software developer. Perhaps best of all, most programs can be removed from within Should I Remove It? with just a few clicks. Also, the detailed info also includes steps to purge the program from your system."
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"If things are out of control or you’re unsure what each program does, then Should I Remove It is a program that can help. ...if you’re someone who is less sure about your software then Should I Remove It could be a good option for you."
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"Should I Remove It? explains what those mysterious processes are in the Windows task manager, shows you what those unlabeled apps are in your programs list, and lets you know if they're safe to stop, uninstall, or delete, all with a single click."
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"Where Should I Remove It really shines is with the adware, toolbars, and other "extras" that seem to sneak quietly into your system yet have to be dragged out kicking and screaming. Should I Remove It is a great place to start looking."
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"Should I Remove It is an excellent guide to whether or not you should uninstall a file (or kill a process!)" - Should I Remove It? was featured on Discovery Channel's Tekzilla live on TV. See the full online video.
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"Should I Remove It? is a good download to help you decide what programs you don't need. It scans all of your programs and ranks them based on what other users have kept or removed."
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"It can be easy to forget which program does what and why you have it installed, making PC cleanup a nightmare. Fret no more as Should I Remove It?, the new kid on the uninstallers block, will help you identify what is worthwhile to keep and what needs to be trashed."
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"The website is put together very nicely and the design is beautiful and clean. When software presents itself to you like this, it comes across as worth trusting and professional. After using Should I Remove It? for some time, I can say it qualifies in both regards."
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What is Should I Remove It?

Should I Remove It? is a very simple but extremely powerful Windows application that helps users, both technical and non technical, decide what programs they should remove from their PC. This typically includes finding and removing all sorts of crapware and bloatware such as adware, spyware, toolbars, bundled unwanted applications as well as many forms of malware. The program is very lightweight and extremely fast. Should I Remove It? simply scans your computer for all its' installed programs and then ranks what should be removed by leveraging the wisdom of the crowd (and of course our technical experts) to determine what should not be installed.

Fast Facts & Stats

  • Uses the wisdom of the crowd to help protect your PC from unwanted software programs.
  • Quickly finds and removes unwanted programs including adware, bloatware, crapware and toolbars.
  • Detailed technical and non-technical program information (see example).
  • Real-time alert notifications to protect against unwanted bundled installations.
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Who Are We?

Should I Remove It? Is powered and created by Reason Software Company Inc, which is founded and run by former anti-virus/spyware experts from Microsoft. The impetus for Should I Remove It? was the recognition that many PC users from beginner to advance alike were unable to make confident decisions when it comes to removing software by merely looking at the app titles listed in Windows' Add/Remove Programs. Should I Remove It? was then ingeniously developed by our super savvy team specifically as a practical tool to help PC users make well-informed decisions when it comes to identifying and removing unessential programs such as adware toolbars, manufacturer bloatware and so forth.

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