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"Should I Remove It?" resources for software publishers

How did my software get added?

The software listed on the "Should I Remove It?" website and knowledge-base comes directly from Reason Software's 100% anonymous opt-in service called Boost Connect. This service is designed to anonymously discover program relationships and resource utilization on a wide range of PCs in order to help facilitate optimization. The service inventories the various programs installed on a PC and aggregates its behaviors. This information is then statistically analyzed and displayed on the "Should I Remove It?" website as well as the free downloadable program in order to help users quickly identify and possibly remove unwanted programs.

How do I add my program?

Currently, the only way to add a program into the knowledge-base is by participating in the Boost Connect community. If you are a PC power user and would like to use the service, simply download and run Boost on your PC and opt-into Boost Connect during setup. Like all of Reason's software, Boost does not install any sort of malware, spyware or adware and we do not bundle additional software or engage in any type of advertising within the software.

How can I update or correct a program?

Most program information is gathered by observing the behavior of the program on hundreds or thousands of real PCs. Additionally, some information is added directly by our expert reviewers which typically includes the program's editorial description. While ratings come directly from users on this website as well as our experts, removal percentages are 100% based on the Boost Connect network (which is not influenced by removal percentages shown on the "Should I Remove It?" website or software). However, sometimes details are gathered incorrectly, if this is the case and you would like to make corrections to anything you find wrong with your program's listing, please do not hesitate to contact us immediately at [email protected] and we will correct them for you, typically within a few hours. Just send send us an email with your program's URL on www.shouldiremoveit.com and any corrections you might have.

How do I contact Should I Remove It?

We are here to help you with any questions, comments or concerns you might have as well as any feedback or promotional opportunities. Please contact us by phone, snail mail or email (which we prefer of course) 24x7 by visiting our contact page.

Can I add my program to "Today's highlight"?

"Should I Remove It?" features a on a number of pages a section known as "Today's highlight", typically in that page's top right corner (see it on our programs page). If you are a developer and have a program listed on "Should I Remove It?" we would be more than happy to promote your program for free. If you wish to participate, simply place a link on your website to your program's listing on shouldiremoveit.com. Let us know and we will schedule you to be featured in our rotation which usually includes about 50,000 impressions. If you would like to find out more, click here.

How can I advertise my program?

We use Google's AdSense, if you would like to advertise on our site you will need to be an AdWords advertiser and be able to utilize placement targeting. Placement targeting lets you choose individual spots on our website that you'd like your ads to appear in which can handpicked for your specific audience, big or small, its up to you. Learn how to use AdWords placement-targeting.

Are you a software or anti-malware researcher?

The Should I Remove It? Web Site only shows what we consider very limited technical information for each program, associated files and behavior. However, we do have a massive archive of every program version with download links to each as well as the original URLs the program was downloaded from. In addition through our alternative collection system (not Should I Remove It?) we track the behavior of each program in real user environments. This is an invaluable tool for malware researchers as we have seen tens of thousands of adware, malware and other potentially unwanted software flow through our system. We are more than happy to work with and share all of our information to professional research team, for free of course. For details on how to connect with us, please send and email to [email protected].