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ScriptLogic, a leading provider of Windows management software products targeted at the small and mid-size business. criptLogic products and technology have been incorporated into the Windows Server Management and User Workspace Management solution families to provide easy-to-use functionality when managing Windows servers and the user workspace.
Publisher URL: www.quest.com/scriptlogic

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ScriptLogic Secure Copy automates data migration and replication between Windows NT/2000/2003 servers without agents or scripts while maintaining the NTFS file permissions and other security... More about Secure Copy 4
Security Explorer delivers a unified solution for complete access control and security management across your entire Windows network. You can back up, recover, manage, search, migrate and report on... More about Security Explorer 8
Unlike other migration solutions, Secure Copy can transfer the permissions of files and folders owned by many different users without costly and delay-prone manual intervention. Data Replication.... More about Secure Copy 6
Quest Reporter collects, stores and reports on data from workstations, Windows servers and Active Directory, providing information essential for compliance audits, Windows security assessments or... More about Enterprise Security Reporter - Reporting Console