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How does Acer's bloat compare?


Popular Acer models

System Product Name 4.22%
To Be Filled By O.E.M. 3.68%
Aspire E1-571 0.93%
Aspire V3-771 0.83%
Aspire V3-571G 0.81%
Aspire 5738 0.77%
Aspire 5750G 0.76%
NE56R 0.73%
Aspire ES1-512 0.73%
Aspire 5742G 0.73%
Aspire E1-531 0.71%
Aspire E5-571 0.69%
Aspire 7741 0.60%
Aspire 5742 0.57%
Aspire 5750 0.57%
Aspire E1-522 0.48%
Aspire E5-573G 0.46%
Aspire E5-571G 0.46%
Aspire E5-575G 0.43%
Aspire 7750G 0.43%
Aspire E1-572 0.40%
Aspire V3-571 0.39%
EasyNote TE11HC 0.37%
Aspire 5733Z 0.37%
DX4860 0.36%
Aspire 5733 0.35%
Aspire 5250 0.34%
Aspire V5-571P 0.34%
Aspire 5732Z 0.34%
Aspire TC-605 0.33%
Aspire E1-571G 0.33%
AO722 0.33%
Aspire E1-570 0.32%
Aspire 5740 0.32%
Aspire 5755G 0.32%
AOD270 0.32%
Aspire 5742Z 0.31%
E1-510 0.31%
Aspire E1-572G 0.30%
Aspire E5-521 0.30%
Aspire E5-573 0.29%
All Series 0.29%
SX2110G 0.28%
Aspire V5-571G 0.28%
Aspire XC600 0.27%
Aspire 5735 0.26%
Aspire V5-531 0.26%
Aspire V3-772G 0.26%
Aspire 5253 0.26%
Aspire E5-511 0.26%
Aspire XC-603G 0.26%
Aspire ES1-511 0.26%

Acer Bloatware

Manufacturer bloatware and trialware refer to Acers' (like most PC manufacturers) habit of loading crippled versions of commercial software and OEM proprietary utilities on a new computer.
Acer laptops typically come bundled with a number of both installed utilities as well as try before you buy commercial software. Out of the box, this includes programs for playing media such as the Nero and CyberLink line of trialware, backup utilties such as MyWinLocker Suite and the typical OEM utilities for managing Acer updates and registration.
Acer Incorporated
  54% remove
Acer Registration is a program that is pre-installed with Acer laptops. If the laptop has not yet been registered with Acer it will periodically popup and promt the user to register. It runs as a... More about Acer Registration
Acer Incorporated
26% remove
Acer hot key combinations are controlled by the Launch Manager software.
Nero AG
24% remove
Nero Essentials is a basic version of the Nero's regular programs, such as its CD burning software, according to Nero. Usually, hardware manufacturers include Nero Essentials so users have the bare... More about Nero 9 Essentials
Acer Incorporated
23% remove
Acer Welcome Center is pre-installed by Acer on most Acer Laptops. It launches when Windows is booted and provides various shortcuts to program and computer settings.
Acer Incorporated
22% remove
Acer ScreenSaver is pre-installed with various Acer laptops. This program is a branded screen-saver for Acer-brand computers that displays an animated Acer logo.
Nero AG
22% remove
Nero Express is a simplified edition of Nero Burning ROM targeted at entry level users, is available with the Nero software suite. Although Nero Express is not as powerful as the full-featured Nero... More about Nero Express 10
Acer Incorporated
22% remove
The Acer Updater software checks for critical updates and fixes to keep your system always up-to-date. When new updates are found, Acer Updater downloads and installs the fixes automatically. Acer... More about Acer Updater
MyWinLocker utilizes advanced encryption technologies to easily password protect your files. Make sure no one knows the location of your private files by storing them in the invisible Yo-Safe.... More about MyWinLocker Suite
Acer Incorporated
21% remove
Acer Video Conference Manager (VCM) is an application that is preinstalled on selected Acer Aspire One models. Acer VCM enhances Instant Messenger video conferencing. Acer VCM works with Windows Live... More about Acer VCM
CyberLink Corp.
20% remove
Acer Arcade Deluxe is a default program that comes with all Acer computers. It allows users to listen to music, look at photos, watch DVDs, use the webcam and view YouTube and Flickr within a single... More about Acer Arcade Deluxe
CyberLink Corp.
19% remove
CyberLink PowerDVD 9 is a media player for Microsoft Windows. PowerDVD is distributed on physical media or by download from the Cyberlink website. It is often bundled with a variety of PC systems and... More about CyberLink PowerDVD 9
Acer Incorporated
18% remove
Acer Identity Card is a small application preinstalled on Windows 7-based systems, that provides you with an immediate overview of some information on your system. This information, such as the serial... More about Identity Card
CyberLink Corp.
18% remove
Acer Crystal Eye Webcam is pre-installed with all Acer laptops that include a built in camera. Crystal Eye Webcam requires a specific driver to properly function as opposed to the standard Windows... More about Acer Crystal Eye Webcam
Acer Incorporated
10% remove
The Acer Recovery Management is a software utility installed with most Acer PCs to help users restore their computer to default factory settings. This utility can also restore a system to its last... More about Acer eRecovery Management
CyberLink Corp.
7% remove
clear.fi is a premier digital home-entertainment solution that puts your favorite stuff right where you want it: everywhere!clear.fi automatically connects all of the devices on your home network --... More about clear.fi
Acer Incorporated
5% remove
clear.fi is Acer’s premier digital home-entertainment solution that puts your favorite stuff right where you want it: everywhere!clear.fi automatically connects all of the devices on your home network... More about clear.fi Client
Acer Incorporated
5% remove
Acer ePower Management is pre-installed with various Acer laptops and is designed to maximize your PC's power utilization and performance.
Please note, should remove percentages and ratings are user contributed. Please make sure you read the suggestions and descriptions for each programs before uninstalling from your PC.