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How does ASUS's bloat compare?


Popular ASUS models

System Product Name 5.25%
To be filled by O.E.M. 3.66%
K53E 1.52%
K55VD 1.26%
X551MA 1.23%
X550CC 1.20%
K52F 1.17%
K54C 1.09%
K53SV 1.03%
K55A 0.92%
K53SD 0.90%
K50IJ 0.86%
X550CA 0.86%
X553MA 0.80%
All Series 0.73%
X555LAB 0.70%
G75VW 0.69%
K53U 0.67%
T100TA 0.65%
X550LD 0.64%
X202E 0.64%
G74Sx 0.59%
K30AD_M31AD_M51AD 0.58%
S400CA 0.58%
K53SC 0.57%
N53SV 0.56%
N56VZ 0.54%
X550CL 0.54%
K56CB 0.52%
X551CAP 0.52%
X55A 0.51%
X502CA 0.49%
X555LJ 0.46%
X551CA 0.44%
N550JV 0.43%
K56CM 0.42%
K52JT 0.42%
X555LD 0.40%
S500CA 0.38%
X200MA 0.38%
X540SA 0.38%
K52Jc 0.38%
System Name 0.38%
K73SV 0.37%
UX31A 0.36%
N550JK 0.36%
U56E 0.36%
UX31E 0.34%
X550LA 0.34%
GL552VW 0.34%
OEM 0.33%
N73SV 0.33%

ASUS Bloatware

Manufacturer bloatware and trialware refer to ASUSs' (like most PC manufacturers) habit of loading crippled versions of commercial software and OEM proprietary utilities on a new computer.
Below is a list of ASUS utilities that may come pre-installed with a new ASUS notebook. If you're unsure about which utilities are useful or safe to uninstall, this list should give you some insight.
44% remove
FancyStart is a utility that allows you to change the boot logo at computer startup. You can access this utility in Windows via the Start menu. It has options to completely customize your bootup... More about ASUS FancyStart
CyberLink Corp.
25% remove
ASUS Video Magic is a complete hardware and software video solution. The GPU processes data at a much faster rate, enabling it to handle most graphics intensive tasks with relative ease. True Theater... More about ASUS Video Magic
24% remove
The SmartLogon system detects the user's face and logs on without any intervention from the user. This system is designed to learn the variations of the user's facial features, and is capable of... More about ASUS FaceLogon
23% remove
Notebooks always feel slower over time, as we fill them with the programs we use everyday. By managing the boot priorities, ASUS Fast Boot can alleviate this slowdown by delaying applications and... More about Fast Boot
23% remove
With its ability to record high-quality audio and video, as well as a host of fun editing features, this exclusive webcam imaging program keeps your memories alive for playback anytime. It can also be... More about ASUS LifeFrame3
Wherever there is internet connection, ASUS WebStorage can help you to retrieve your data to your notebooks, smartphones or tablets. Everything is securely saved on ASUS WebStorage. With 5GB cloud... More about ASUS WebStorage
21% remove
@vibe is an online multimedia platform that provides music, games, radio, live TV, videos (news, drama and movies), e-books (magazines, newspapers, books, comics), audio books and online learning... More about AsusVibe
21% remove
The Live Update application provides users with a means of having the system components updated automatically. Users can also schedule the updates so they can take place daily, every third day,... More about ASUS Live Update
CyberLink Corp.
19% remove
LabelPrint is the smart way to create stylish disc labels for your DVD software discs. Create labels, covers, and jewel-case inlays using LabelPrint from CyberLink. LabelPrint software also allows you... More about CyberLink LabelPrint
CyberLink Corp.
12% remove
CyberLink Media Suite is an all-in-one package featuring a combination of CyberLink software applications. Media Suite allows users to watch Blu-ray discs, face-tag photos, edit audio and burn discs... More about CyberLink Media Suite
12% remove
ASUS WinFlash is a program that was designed for ASUS computers in order to provide them with a means of flashing the system BIOS.
12% remove
ASUS Virtual Camera allows more than one application to access the webcam simultaneously. Normally only one application can access the webcam but Virtual Camera, multiple applications can access it.
10% remove
Instant On is a sleep mode that it can wake up your Eee PC ready to use in 3 seconds and more than 21 days of sleep time in battery mode. (Depands on the configuration ,usage and Eee PC models). First... More about InstantOn for NB
9% remove
ASUS Power4Gear automatically adjusts fan speeds for quiet computing and prolonged battery life.
7% remove
Wireless Console is a program that helps to toggle between ASUS WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity. However, it is not essential for that ASUS PC's WiFi and Bluetooth to work but could be utilized when... More about Wireless Console 3
7% remove
There’s no doubt that recovery DVDs are an essential asset, should things go wrong, as they can restore the entire system, including drivers and utilities to its original factory fresh state. However,... More about ASUS AI Recovery
7% remove
This exclusive face capture and recognition software enables users to log into Windows without having to key in any passwords, leading to greater convenience. ASUS SmartLogon allows you to use you... More about ASUS SmartLogon
4% remove
This package installs the software ATK Hotkey Driver and other ASUS drivers and software with various laptop models. It is pre-installed with new laptops and required to run various optional... More about ATK Package
CyberLink Corp.
3% remove
Copy all your media to any disc with Power2Go 8! With new System Recovery tools and over 5000 free DVD menus to choose from on DirectorZone.com, Power2Go 8 not only burns everything but allows you... More about CyberLink Power2Go
3% remove
This proprietary ASUS technology optimizes media to reduce noise and improve conversion rates for sharper, more vivid images and better contrast, brightness, skin tones and color saturation across all... More about ASUS Splendid Video Enhancement Technology
3% remove
With the exclusive ASUS USB Charger Plus, all of your motherboards, and desktops become universal chargers for your iPod, iPhone and now, the new iPad. USB Charger Plus turns any PC into a flexible... More about ASUS USB Charger Plus
Please note, should remove percentages and ratings are user contributed. Please make sure you read the suggestions and descriptions for each programs before uninstalling from your PC.