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NewSoft provides document and image recognition and digital TV software whose products can be found around the globe, online in the NewSoft e-store, or through our many distributors in the Americas, Europe, Asia and Africa. Items from the Presto! line of office or multimedia products are often found bundled with printer, scanner, video, and digital camera equipment.

Publisher description (from NewSoft Technology Corporation)

NewSoft was founded in 1987 and has excelled in the areas of software and hardware integration, mobile applications, cloud services, office automation, A/V, and image recognition. NewSoft has thrived on the RD and business philosophy of Connecting Creativity to shape corporate brand images. While emphasizing the development of digital documentation and imaging technologies and applications, office digitalization and...  Read more
Publisher URL: www.newsoftinc.com

Programs by NewSoft Technology

26 known major program versions, showing the top 25 most used.
Presto! PVR is a video recorder for your computer. It takes television signals and records them onto your hard drive. You have all the convenience of a VCR (recording, playback, fast forwarding,... More about Presto! PVR
NewSoft CD Labeler lets you print your favorite photos or a variety of design templates directly onto a CD, DVD or Blu-ray Disc™ with a printable surface.
ImageFolio is a comprehensive multimedia image-processing program. It enables you to process photographs, graphics, and drawings captured from scanners, VCRs, a laser discs, digital cameras, video... More about Presto! ImageFolio 4
NewSoft Presto! BizCard is the ideal tool for helping you stay in touch with your worldwide contacts whether their business cards are printed in English or a pan-European language. Presto! BizCard... More about Presto! BizCard 5
The Lexmark All-In-One Center is your complete resource for all your scanning, copying, and faxing needs. The All-In-One Center Main Page has two main sections: Scan tab and Copy tab. If more than one... More about Lexmark Scan Center
Presto BizCard 6 is a complete contact management solution that lets you scan, edit and synchronize business card contacts to various contact management software applications. It is the ideal tool for... More about Presto! BizCard 6
Presto! Forms is a program used to edit and scan pre-edited forms. Lines’ existence, and checkboxes’ and fields’ beginnings are automatically detected by the program’s recognition engine. Any form can... More about Presto! Forms
Presto! PageManager allows you see your entire file organization structure—from the overall picture to the smallest detail. You can create, write, and open PDF files without file conversion or other... More about Presto! PageManager
The Presto! Digital Converter from NewSoft America is a unique solution that allows you to convert your videotape footage to DVD digital format. Preserve your important videotapes by archiving them on... More about Presto! Digital Converter
Create, edit, and open PDF files as wells as convert between document and PDF formats or from PDF to document. Share documents with your team members across the network. Scan Button Tool simplify the... More about PageManager
Presto! PrintCentral gives you control over what you print. It displays all the print documents so you can easily re-organize and eliminate wasted paper. You can also remove graphics, print black and... More about Presto! PrintCentral
Presto! PageManager 7 makes it easier to create, share, scan, and modify documents. And now it is even easier to integrate into your organization. You can view, send by e-mail, or print documents that... More about Presto! PageManager 7
Presto! PageManager 8 makes it easier to create, share, scan, and modify documents. You can view, send by e-mail, or print documents that may not be in the same folder. Just drag files to the Document... More about Presto! PageManager 8