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FileStream, Inc., founded in 1988 on Long Island in New York, is an established innovator and global leader in Backup Software, Data Protection, File Transfer and Delivery, and Digital Photo Editing software for business and professional users and for consumers. The Company offers its products and services directly to the end users as well as through partners and its worldwide distribution channels.
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A lot of time is being spent on the computers and surfing on the Internet everyday. In your daily computing, your computer should cater to your every need from start to finish. More importantly, you... More about WinSettings
Web Boomerang is a fast web copier that can be used to capture thousands of photos, music, clips, sports stats, recipes, information, or even entire sites, and save them on your computer. When you are... More about FileStream Web Boomerang
FileStream® Take-1® Recorder lets you easily create tutorials and How-To videos or capture anything that you see (and hear) from your screen with one click. Take-1 Recorder lets you capture an entire... More about FileStream Take-1 Recorder
With FrameShop, you can process and resize your entire photo collection easily with a simple wizard! State-of-the-art features ensure resized photos retain the best quality and are compatible on your... More about FileStream FrameShop
Speed Image Broadway offers you better performance compared to others. It starts up faster, it finds, opens, and imports images faster, it fixes and refines photos faster, and it saves and prints... More about FileStream Image Broadway
From editing or optimizing individual or groups of digital photos to managing all your PDF and Office Documents, this multiple award winning software lets you organize, group convert and optimize,... More about FileStream Turbo Browser
You may need to resize a group of 200 super-high-resolution photos, like those huge photo files in Digital Camera RAW formats, you took on your vacation to make them in manageable size for uploading... More about FileStream pcPhotos
Wear and tear slows your computer down over time. With WinSettings Pro 10.60 you can clean up duplicate, temporary, and junk files; you can optimize system settings and remove unnecessary startups,... More about FileStream WinSettings Pro
TurboBackup is the go-to solution for backing up shared documents across multiple destinations. It offers the ability to back up different versions of the same file to protect your documents. For... More about FileStream TurboBackup 7
FileStream, Inc.
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For everyday use, the new release 9 offers simple drag-and-drop backup, new templates for one click or scheduled, unattended backup to and restore from your Cloud accounts, e.g. Google Docs (Drive),... More about FileStream TurboBackup 9
SafeShield is your best safety net. It protects your computer from attacks, and system and user errors. You can visit any site, download anything, open any document or program, or do online banking,... More about FileStream SafeShield
FileStream, Inc.
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TurboZIP is the go-to solution for fast opening up ZIP, RAR, and many more popular (and not so popular!) archive files. It used by millions of discerning users around the world since 1997. Requested... More about FileStream TurboZIP
FileStream, Inc.
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FileStream® Secure Disk is the perfect solution for protecting sensitive information from theft and other attacks. It makes a part or all of your hard disk, USB flash drive, or removable drive, into a... More about FileStream Secure Disk
FileStream, Inc.
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From single click zipping, e-mail, or unzipping with thumbnail views of internal image files to organizing and managing all your archives on media, TurboZIP is the ULTIMATE file compression and... More about FileStream TurboZIP 8
FileStream, Inc.
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Turbobackup scans backup files and folders and calculates how much space you need. If there are not enough space available on your backup media, TurboBackup will warn you, otherwise your files are... More about FileStream TurboBackup