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ARMA 2 is a military simulation video game and is a tactical shooter focused primarily on infantry combat, however it also features significant vehicular and aerial combat elements. The player is able... More about ARMA 2
Arma 2: Operation Arrowhead boasts the most realistic combat environment in the world. It models real world ballistics & round deflection, thermal imaging, materials penetration, features a realtime... More about ARMA 2: Operation Arrowhead
ARMA 3 is an open world tactical shooter video game set in the near-future during the mid-2030s, where NATO forces deployed in the Greek islands of the Aegean Sea are trying to hold off a massive... More about Arma 3
Realistic "Zombies" with custom animations - These once human creatures will act and behave as if they have a heighten sense of hearing and smell but less sight, on top of that they use motion... More about Arma 2: DayZ Mod
Brand new story-oriented singleplayer campaign, unfolding across more than ten missions featuring full 2-player cooperative gameplay. One year after British and coalition armed forces successfully... More about ARMA 2: Private Military Company
ArmA 2: British Armed Forces features a variety of weapons out of the modern British army arsenal. All weapons and their features were created according to the specifications of their real-life... More about ARMA 2: British Armed Forces
Arma: Cold War Assault, Bohemia Interactive's debut game published by Codemasters as Operation Flashpoint in 2001, became genre-defining combat military simulation and the No. 1 bestselling PC game... More about Arma: Cold War Assault
Set against the beautiful backdrop of Seattle, Take On Helicopters lets you enjoy the thrilling experience of flying a helicopter. Become a pilot and have fun with the story-driven career mode,... More about Take On Helicopters
Arma 2: Combined Operations brings together the award-winning Arma 2 and it's stand-alone expansion Arma 2: Operation Arrowhead to combine them into the ultimate military combat experience. Players... More about ArnA 2: Combined Operations
Carrier Command: Gaea Mission is a breathtaking combination of action game with strategic elements set in a vast detailed archipelago. It reinvents the classic gameplay of the original Carrier Command... More about Carrier Command: Gaea Mission
ArmA: Combat Operations is a first person tactical military shooter with large elements of realism and simulation. This game features a blend of large-scale military conflict spread over large areas... More about ARMA: Gold Edition
You need a Microsoft Windows XP/2000/Vista/2008/Seven computer to run an Arma 2 dedicated server, yet a version of Linux server is also available. There are two possible ways to install the dedicated... More about ARMA 2 Dedicated Server
Take On Mars places you in the seat of a Rover Operator, allowing you to control the various, fully simulated mobile Rovers and stationary Landers. With this scientific arsenal at your disposal, you... More about Take On Mars
There are two possible ways to install the dedicated server. When you have installed the ArmA game, you can use the main executable (ArmA.exe) with the command line argument –server to start a... More about Arma 2: Operation Arrowhead - Dedicated Server
In ArmA: Combat Operations, you'll be thrown into the midst of an engaging and expanding storyline, fighting against smart, aggressive enemies. Story driven singleplayer campaign: By choosing the... More about Arma: Combat Operations
Virtual Battlespace 2 (VBS2) is a comprehensive open platform with proven capability for training, simulation and development. Next generation gaming technology is adapted to provide collective... More about VBS2 Developer Suite