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Ziff Davis is a publisher and Internet company that has primarily published computer and technology related magazines, and its growing number of websites, spun off from its magazines, have established Ziff Davis as an Internet Information company.
Publisher URL: www.ziffdavis.com

Programs by Ziff Davis Media

52 known major program versions, showing the top 25 most used.
EndItAll 2 lists all the programs running on your system, and lets you decide which ones to close down. The processes necessary for basic system operation are protected from termination. From the... More about EndItAll
ContextEdit lets you control which items appear on your context menu--the menu that appears when you right-click on an item in Windows Explorer. The context menu often contains numerous rarely-used... More about ContextEdit PC Magazine
After installing and launching DiskPie Pro, the first thing you'll want to do is select a drive or folder to scan. If you click directly on the name of a drive DPP will begin to scan the entire drive.... More about PC Magazine DiskPiePro
TaskPower has been one of our most popular utilities of all time (just behind Startup Cop Pro). If you've never used TaskPower it can be summed up as Windows Task Manager on steroids. TaskPower lets... More about PC Magazine TaskPower
Our popular File Utility Pack is growing! In addition to the three great programs previously offered in the File Utility Pack, we've now added a simple but useful utility called CopySet. CopySet... More about PC Magazine File Utility Pack
WinTidy can remember your desktop layout and restore it for you. You can place the icons by hand, or use one of a dozen predefined layouts to automatically arrange icons in the order you choose. Save... More about PC Magazine WinTidy
When you install a new hard drive in your machine, or buy a new machine, disk space seems almost unlimited. You start installing new programs, editing documents, downloading MP3s and suddenly, there's... More about PCMagazine Dupeless 3
TapeCalc 2.0 is a combination Adding Machine, Tape Calculator with a little spread sheet and computer functionality added for convenience. Revision 2.0 has a value repeat and a strengthen keypad input... More about TapeCalc
What's Going On? is a system utility that gives you a one-stop spot for all your system's vital stats. Windows comes packaged with many tools to find details about the current state of your system.... More about PCMagazine What's Going On?
It will scan your disks and show all the duplicate files it can find, grouped on the criteria you want: files with the same names and sizes, files with the same sizes (even with different names), and... More about PCMagazine Dupeless
Have you ever needed to hide files from prying eyes? Perhaps you have your resumé and cover letters stashed on your machine at work, or maybe a collection of R-rated movies that you don't want your... More about Folder Phantom Redux
DiskPie Pro, the latest premium utility from PC Magazine, to the rescue! With its customizable pie charts, you can visually find your overweight folders, files, and even see what filetypes are eating... More about PC Magazine DiskPie Pro
FileSnoop 2, the latest premium utility from PC Magazine, gives you in-depth information about the files on your system. Whether you want the comprehensive information a deep "snoop" provides or... More about FileSnoop 2
InCtrl X is a radical change from the previous method of capturing changes. In this version, it does real-time monitoring of a process. Instead of taking a pre and post install system snapshot and... More about InCtrl X
We all have sensitive information that we don't want anyone to see, like credit card numbers, bills, and correspondence. When you're done with the data you usually delete it to keep others from seeing... More about PC Magazine Shred
ZipHunter 2 can search through zip files (and other archive formats) on your system to locate the file you want. You can tell ZipHunter what folders to consider when searching and what files within... More about ZipHunter
It's a real-world surfing speedometer that runs on Windows XP or Vista. Unlike some other speed tests, it makes multiple, parallel connections to Web sites. It doesn't download just a single file, but... More about PCMagazine SurfSpeed 2
IconEdit has been one of PC Magazine's most popular utilities since the original was released in 1997. Neil Rubenking released a great update in 2000 to handle multiple icon images. Since it's been... More about PC Magazine IconEdit
There are many full-featured to-do list programs, even our own feature-packed NoteWhen, but sometimes you just need a program that makes it easy to do one specific task and do it well. Got2Do is a... More about PC Magazine Got2Do
FontViewer 3 makes it easy to keep your fonts under control. This new version is built using Microsoft's new Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF). WPF is the graphical subsystem of .Net Framework 3.0... More about PC Magazine FontViewer 3
Hotkey Detective 2 fills this gap by showing you a list of all the hotkeys defined on your system. Duplicate hotkey assignments are displayed in red. To change a hotkey, simply select it in the list... More about HotKey Detective PC Magazine
Our utility HomePatrol has helped people solve these mysteries by monitoring their webcam equipped home or office. When you're not at your computer, your webcam is sitting idle. HomePatrol leverages... More about PC Magazine HomePatrol 2
When you delete a file from your hard disk, it's not really deleted. It's just removed from sight. Only the reference to the file's data is deleted. The contents of the file remain on your hard disk... More about Shred 2 PC Magazine
Folders 2 lets you quickly and easily change folder icons. You can change a folder's icon to whatever icons you happen to have or use one of the many icons included with the program. We've included... More about PC Magazine Folders 2