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Volonet Ltd

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Volonet develops, designs, and markets highly engaging software that adds rich content to social networks communication channels, and is enjoyed by millions of daily active users. An internet company founded in 2008, we are currently developing additional software products and apps.
Publisher URL: www.volo-net.com

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Volonet Ltd
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From the license: "In order to provide you with the services, Funmoods may install browser add-ons, plugins or widgets to any and all of your browsers." FunMoods toolbar gives no or little... More about Funmoods
Volonet Ltd
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FunMoods toolbar gives no or little satisfaction to its users, but a profound desire to get rid of FunMoods browser extension is in place. The toolbar is but a part of the problem as occasional but... More about Funmoods on IE and Chrome
Volonet Ltd
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Tracks search behavior and modifies the user's Internet web browser's home page and search. Uses the InstallCore download manager to bundle additional software, including potentially unwanted software... More about MaintenanceService-Funmoods
Volonet Ltd
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This is the updater mechanism for the funmood web browser extension and toolbar. It checks to make sure that the toolbar is up to date and if not it will automatically download and install the latest... More about Version Checker for Funmoods