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%3Cbr%3EThis is a p2p file sharing software library set to offer the latest technologically available p2p accelerators/speeders to help you maximize your download experience. The library is on a continuous growing and developing and includes software paired with the world’s greatest file sharing programs. Don’t worry if you have no previous experience with such applications – they have been developed for extremely...  Read more
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Programs by TrafficSpeeders

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uTorrent Ultra Accelerator is the perfect tool for downloading your favourite movies, music, games and other files at an incredible speed. You can check the info about the status of your downloads in... More about uTorrent Ultra Accelerator
The program incorporate most up-to-date technology to speed BitComet downloads. Also the quantity of download sources will be improved – you can have more seeds accessible than normally discovered by... More about Bitcomet Ultra Accelerator
The program carries a next-to-nothing burden to your system’s resources – it’s simple, little and competent. Due to the streaming technology implemented it will take your download rate to maximum by... More about BitTorrent Ultra Accelerator
Vuze Ultra Accelerator is a tiny program designed to infuse extra power and resources into the Vuze p2p client client without any intervention from the user. The app is capable of automatically... More about Vuze Ultra Accelerator
It is a useful and specialized add-on employing the hottest technologies capable of multiplying the speed of any torrent download. Azureus Ultra Accelerator will boost download speed of large files,... More about Azureus Ultra Accelerator
TrafficSpeeders LLC
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FrostWire Ultra Accelerator is an enforcing add-on module for the fresh but already popular Frostwire client of the famous LimeWire file sharing network. This plugin will be perfectly implemented into... More about FrostWire Ultra Accelerator