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About SlimWare Utilities, Inc.

SlimWare Utilities produces cleaning and optimization programs whose products center on using crowd-sourced feedback to generate reviews and evaluations of other programs. These programs deviate from this framework by encouraging and implementing user feedback. The proposed goal is to establish an infrastructure for using crowd-sourced feedback as a way to produce optimization schemes for a computer.

Publisher description (from SlimWare Utilities, Inc.)

SlimWare Utilities is a new, U.S.-based software company founded on the premise that cloud computing and crowd-sourced applications will revolutionize the performance of personal computers. Specifically, we provide consumers with downloadable software and services that clean, repair, update and optimize personal computers. Our flagship products include SlimComputer, SlimCleaner and SlimDrivers. All use the cloud and...  Read more
Publisher URL: www.slimwareutilities.com

Programs by SlimWare Utilities

9 known major program versions, ordered by most used.
SlimDrivers automatically updates PC drivers with real-time scanning and cloud technology. The first cloud-based utility for updating and maintaining drivers, SlimDrivers provides instant optimization... More about SlimDrivers
Updating System Drivers makes your computer run better. It prevents device errors and can even lend quicker repairs to future problems. SlimDrivers and DriverUpdate allow you to remove and update... More about DriverUpdate
SlimCleaner is SlimWare Utilities' most ambitious update ever released for keeping PCs clean and running at peak performance. This new version combines solutions to the most common PC problems and... More about SlimCleaner
SlimComputer removes trialware, adware, toolbars, unwanted start-up entries and other unnecessary items from a PC. SlimComputer uses cloud technology and community feedback to provide recommendations... More about SlimComputer
SlimCleaner Plus is marketed as a PC performance optimizer that utilizes several techniques to attempt to increase the speed of the user's PC include registry tuning (which is a practice that is often... More about SlimCleaner Plus
FixCleaner seamlessly integrates the multiple tools you need to make a computer run faster, run more reliably, and eliminate errors. It harnesses the power of over a dozen optimization utilities, all... More about FixCleaner
RecImg Manager provides unlimited operating system and application imaging - including all system files and installed software - in a matter of minutes with no document loss and a tiny image... More about RecImgManager
SlimCleaner's primary scan quickly isolates all of the junk data that can build up over time. It flags temp files, history files, internet logs - all of the stuff that wastes disk space and diminishes... More about SlimCleaner+
SlimImage is the first software to offer incremental file and document backup as well as operating system and application imaging - all in one free, easy-to-use and touch-friendly platform.... More about SlimImage