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ReviverSoft was founded to provide trusted resources to help you repair, optimize and maintain your computer for optimum performance. We invest heavily in research and development to deliver the best possible products, professional instructional videos, how-to articles, informative blog posts and other valuable content. ReviverSoft's headquarters are in Northern California, United States of America. We have...  Read more
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ReviverSoft LLC
48% remove
Registry Reviver is registry utility whose purported purpose is to remove redundant items from the Windows registry. The software helps to automate the process of looking for invalid entries, missing... More about Registry Reviver
ReviverSoft LLC
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Start Menu Reviver is an innovative application that adds a Start Menu to Windows 8 PCs and enhances the Start Menu on Windows 7 PCs. Start Menu Reviver is the only Start Menu utility to revive the... More about Start Menu Reviver
ReviverSoft LLC
43% remove
Restore maximum performance and functionality to your PC's hardware and its components! Experts recommend Driver Reviver to keep your PC's Drivers up to date and restore optimum performance and... More about Driver Reviver
ReviverSoft LLC
23% remove
Battery Optimizer is designed to fix a problem that plagues most people, short laptop battery life. Most other applications just help you manage when your computer goes to sleep. Battery Optimizer... More about Battery Optimizer
ReviverSoft LLC
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The software is a registry 'cleaner' and junk file remover along with other features that include a task manager and uninstaller.
ReviverSoft LLC
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PC Benchmark will run a series of tests on your computer in order to determine your computer speed. Testing only takes minutes! Does your PC seem slow? Does it take what seems like forever to start?... More about PC Benchmark