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REX Game Studios® has been an award-winning developer, publisher, and technology provider. Paving the way with innovation and skill, we pride ourselves as an industry leader in environment simulation software with international connections to consumers, businesses, commercial enterprises and institutions globally. We conceptualize, develop, and deliver progressive software with mass market appeal. With an...  Read more
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REX Weather Direct is simple to use. We've taken the complexity of vast window workspaces and settings and simplified the process down to an easy selection. It's made so you literally don’t have to... More about REX 4 - Texture Direct
REX Auto Update provides an easy and seamless means for you to effortlessly update various REX products with no room for error. REX Auto Update is available to all REX users for a hassle-free... More about REX Auto Update
This process injects real-time live weather, archived weather and even custom weather into FSX/P3D. This process is extremely fast, eliminates flashing and does not affect frame rates. We have also... More about Real Environment Xtreme Essential
In REX Essential PLUS we now integrate real winds and temperatures aloft, tapping into the data sources that provides real temperatures and winds aloft for the world provided by balloon data. We allow... More about REX Essential Plus
REX Essential PLUS with OverDrive consists of everything that REX Essential PLUS offers, including an ADDITIONAL 12GB of HD quality, user-scalable textures. The processes used in creating these newer... More about REX Essential Plus Overdrive
REX Essential PLUS w/OverDrive allows you to control environment, water and airport textures, as well as lighting effects that are so critical to the enjoyment and immersion within the flight... More about Real Environment Xtreme REX Essential Plus with OverDrive
REX Essential is a complete photo-realistic, hi-definition environmental weather and texture package with flight planning capabilities for Microsoft's Flight Simulator X and Lockheed Martin's... More about REX Essential Upgrade