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Probit Software LTD is a software development company based in Herzliya, Israel. We strive hard to bring easy-to-use, must-have computer software straight to everyone’s desktop and to provide the best possible support for each one of our products. It is very important to us that we meet our customers’ needs with any products and services that we provide. Purchasing a computer is a situation that you shouldn’t take...  Read more
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Programs by Probit Software LTD

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Probit Software LTD
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Easy Speed PC is marketed as a PC performance optimizer that utilizes several techniques to attempt to increase the speed of the user's PC include registry tuning (which is a practice that is often... More about Easy Speed PC
Probit Software LTD
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Easy Driver Pro was designed to scan and locate the necessary drivers for your PC. The easy to use user interface allows even a novice to use Easy Driver Pro without difficulty. Using Easy Driver Pro... More about Easy Driver Pro
Probit Software LTD
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The software displays popup advertisements on the user's PC out of context of the browser or the software.
Probit Software LTD
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DriversProFix will scan your computer and give you details of any missing, out-of-date or corrupt device Drivers. Click below to run your free Drivers scan. Device Drivers are pieces of code which... More about DriversProFix
Probit Software LTD
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This is a web browser extension and Browser helper Object (for Internet Explorer) that delivers contextual based advertising to the web browser. In addition it will modify the user's browser home and... More about Easy Discount Pro