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Fix your PC's problems, and help prevent them from recurring with System Cleaner's suite of maintenance tools. System Cleaner restores your PC's performance, frees up wasted disk space, prevents... More about System Cleaner 7
Prevent crashes and improve your system's performance by freeing up unused RAM. Is your PC becoming increasingly slow and unstable? MemOptimizer monitors your system in the background and frees... More about MemOptimizer 3
Pointstone Software, LLC
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This is a 'registry cleaner' that is supposed to clean or fix a PC by removing invalid registry settings.
Total Privacy is a safe and easy-to-use to use privacy protection tool that stops all those pesky snoopers such as Cookies, history, cache, index.dat, competitors from finding the trail of your... More about Total Privacy 6
System Cleaner is the fastest and easiest way to restore your PC's performance, cure random crashing, boost boot-up and shut-down times, and free up wasted disk space at the same time. System Cleaner... More about System Cleaner 6
Your PC is slowing down. Programs don't run as fast as they used to; it takes longer to boot up in the morning and sometimes it takes forever to shut down at the end of the day. Don't worry, you're... More about System Cleaner 5
PC Usage Viewer shows the times your computer has been active with no previous setup required. The software doesn't need to run in the background, because Windows tracks login and logoff times... More about PC Usage Viewer 2
Total Privacy Provides the Most Advanced Information Removal Solution for Protection Against Today's Malicious Online and Offline Threats. Total Privacy is a safe and easy-to-use to use privacy... More about Total Privacy 5