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The company develops and sells software products for data management and security, the first product beingO&O Defrag. Several applications like O&O SafeErase and O&O DiskImage followed.
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33 known major program versions, showing the top 25 most used.
If you work on computers a lot, then slow system and program starts, endless rendering and memory processes, or even system crashes when playing can quickly ruin your enjoyment. Defragmenting your PC... More about O&O Defrag Professional
O&O Defrag Free Edition merges fragments that were created while Windows was saving files. Merging them increases your computer’s performance considerably. On top of that, the “Optimize”... More about O&O Defrag Free Edition
O&O DiskRecovery looks for and reconstructs data that has been deleted either inadvertently or as a result of software error. O&O DiskRecovery does this by searching for lost data through every sector... More about O&O DiskRecovery
O&O MediaRecovery rescues deleted multi-media files lost through virus attack, program crash or simply through pressing the wrong button. O&O MediaRecovery combines the powerful search processes of... More about O&O MediaRecovery
O&O CleverCache prevents those infamous program and application “freezes” where usually only closing the program with the Windows Task Manager can help. Simply install O&O CleverCache and let it take... More about O&O CleverCache
Depending on the manufacturer, different information will be displayed for each hard disk: for example, how long the drive is already in operation, how many startups there have been since then and... More about O&O DriveLED Professional
Using internationally recognized methods, O&O SafeErase deletes sensitive data so securely that a reconstruction, even with special software, is no longer possible. In the new version 6, an analysis... More about O&O SafeErase
O&O UnErase is a data recovery software designed to allow you to recover data that has been deleted from your hard drive.
The O&O PartitionManager enables you to convert to different formats, split your hard disk into partitions or change their size. The division into two partitions has proven to be the best solution:... More about O&O PartitionManager Professional
The Professional Edition of O&O DiskStat 2 is ideal for users wanting to assess disk usage on individual computers. A clear chart displays the used space of the computers to the Administrator.... More about O&O DiskStat Professional
With the help of S.M.A.R.T. (Self Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting Technology) O&O DriveLED evaluates under Windows the information from hard drives, and warns of impending system failures which can... More about O&O DriveLED
O&O AutoBackup automatically backs up and synchronizes selected files and folders with an external backup device so that in the event of a data loss it can be accessed again immediately. No further... More about O&O AutoBackup
The program empowers system administrators with the ability to configure defragmentation jobs for any network storage vol-ume through the O&O Enterprise Management Console, or any other standard... More about O&O Defrag Server
With O&O Defrag Workstation, several drives can be defragmented simultaneously. In addition, the algorithms have been substantially accelerated, reducing the time required for a defragmentation by up... More about O&O Defrag Workstation
The network-capable version of O&O DiskStat 2 Server, as well as the O&O DiskStat 2 Workstation enables the Administrator to quickly get a clear overview of the used space on their hard disks across... More about O&O DiskStat
O&O Software GmbH
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Unleash the hidden performance of your computer with minimum effort. Laplink Defrag packs file fragments back together to optimize your hard drive quickly and securely to ensure sustainable and... More about Laplink Defrag Professional
O&O CleverCache makes sure that the file cache is reset while the computer’s running: something that otherwise usually requires a restart of the computer. O&O CleverCache will let you continuously... More about O&O CleverCache Professional Edition
O&O Software GmbH
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O2 Connection Manager will help you to manage your internet connections by getting you connected to the fastest available network. Automatically connect you to the fastest available network including... More about o2 Connection Manager