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Lee-Soft was formed in mid 2007 a year before I began my university study. It was launched with a 1 product, ViStart the Windows Start Menu. However I've been developing software years before I launched Lee-Soft. In 2005, Lucifiar you may know as Windows X asked me to create a Windows Longhorn Sidebar application for his Vista transformation pack. I was content with simply making software that was being used by...  Read more
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ViStart now includes a brand new Start menu Windows 7 skin + more skins like the Windows 8 start menu Metro skin in the online gallery. Times are changing and ViStart is changing with them! When... More about ViStart
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ViUpdater is the updater program which runs with Windows (in the background as a service) and automatically starts up when your computer boots. It checks for updates and automatically downloads and... More about ViUpdater
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Hovering the mouse pointer over an application's Taskbar icon produces a thumbnail window view known as a snapshot. But when you have multiple windows open in Vista, you see only one preview at a... More about ViGlance