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Becuase Surfing Safeguard might have been bundled with another program it is important that you were adequately informed about the full EULA (End User License Agreement) and Privacy Policy prior to installing.
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Surfing Safeguard by Gratifying Apps

License Agreement (EULA)

What is the EULA for Surfing Safeguard?

The following License Agreement have been republished from www.surfingsafeguard.com/terms.php and/or the program's installer.
Important, if you have Surfing Safeguard installed on your computer or you plan on installing it, please read the Terms below very carefully as there are potential issues that you should understand.
Recommendation: Remove Surfing Safeguard
Thanks for using Surfing Safeguard (for simplicity’s sake, let’s just call it the “Software”). Before downloading and using the Software, you are required to read, understand and agree to these terms. You may only download and use the Software if you read and agree to these terms, which are a legally binding contract between you and Intriguing Apps (that’s “us” or “we”, and sometimes “the Company”). However, because we understand that reading our legalese may be less than thrilling, we have provided brief explanations of the key points in the boxes on the right-hand side of the page. These explanations are not legally binding; they are intended to help you better understand the terms of this agreement.

Please also check out our privacy policy, which describes how the Software collects your information and how this information may be used and shared. The Privacy Policy is incorporated into this agreement by reference.

What Exactly Does the Software Do?

The Software is a free, ad-supported program designed to block malicious websites. It operates by installing a background program that acts as a protective layer between programs on your computer and the Internet (the technical term is a proxy server). The Software then changes your computer’s network settings to ensure that the Software can detect and block malicious sites (the specific settings we change are the LAN or proxy settings; this also enables the Software to deliver the advertisements). Each time a program on your computer tries to access a web server, we check the address against a list of known malicious sites and block any server that matches. If it doesn’t match, then we allow the program and server to communicate normally (and, if appropriate, show you advertisements during your web browsing experience). To protect your privacy, however, we take precautions to avoid collecting certain information (e.g., numerical digits from form fields) where such information might be entered or displayed.

The Software may also provide various other features, including coupons, enhanced search boxes, product comparisons and reviews, or other interactive content displayed through your browser.

The Software currently displays several basic types of advertising, including but not limited to:

sponsored links
traditional display advertisements, such as banner ads, “pops” and interstitial ads (i.e., ads that pop up when a -webpage is loaded or are displayed between the contents of a web page)
offers to download and install other applications
video targeted ads (which are displayed when you view a video).
The sponsored links may sometimes appear as “in-text” advertising, which is a term we use for a feature of the Software that makes advertising links appear when you hover your cursor over certain words and phrases on a website you are visiting. We try to make the links relevant to these bits of text. (The website itself has nothing to do with the links or the related advertising content.) Sponsored links may also be displayed in response to keyword searches you enter through Google, Bing and other search engines.

You may also see relevant coupons, deal and special offers when the Software recognizes the website you are visiting as an eligible site for our programs. For example, when you visit the websites of certain merchants or partners, you may get an alert that you can click on to see specific coupons, deals and offers, or you may see a slider visible in the top right-hand portion of your browser displaying various offers that we hope will be of interest to you.

If you don’t want the Software anymore, you can uninstall it by going to Add/Remove Programs in your Control Panel, selecting the Software and clicking Uninstall. Please keep in mind that opting out of a single feature, like in-text ads, may not disable or remove other features of the Software.

You should be aware that trying to disable or remove the Software in any way other than through Add/Remove Programs may not actually uninstall the program and may even interfere with your access to the Internet. If you use another program to forcibly remove the Software (like an application scrubber or anti-virus program), instead of running the Software’s uninstallation program through Add/Remove programs, your Internet access may be affected. We’ve included safeguards (including a “watch dog” program) to help keep the Software running correctly and to try avoid non-standard removals of the Software from interfering with your access to the Internet, but we can’t guarantee that the safeguards will work.

If your Internet is not working after removing the Software, you can manually change your Internet settings by unchecking the “Use Automatic Configuration Script” check box under Control Panel %3E Internet Options %3E Connections %3E LAN settings. The location of these network settings can change depending on your operating system (as we previously mentioned, the Software doesn’t monitor secure sites, so secure sites like this one should still work).

Finally, you should be aware that when you install the Software, it attempts to detect other software on your computer or mobile device that may interfere with its functioning. If it finds this software, the Software may disable it so that the Software can function properly. By downloading and using the Software, you agree to this activity. You also agree and acknowledge that we may update, modify, add or enable features, or discontinue features of the Software at any time and without additional or prior notice.

You can always reverse these effects by uninstalling the Software and re-enabling any conflicting software. In addition, the Software requires modern computer hardware and software and a minimum amount of capacity and resources. If you use the Software without these minimum requirements, it may affect the performance of your computer. If this happens, please uninstall the Software.

Third-Party Links and Software Applications

When you use the Software, you will see links and advertisements for websites, products and services provided by third parties. Additionally, the Software may include a feature, which offers you a menu of third-party software applications that you can download if you wish. We are not responsible for and have no control over any of these sites, products or services. When you use or interact with any of these sites, products or services, you will be subject to the third-party advertiser’s or owner’s privacy and security policies and terms of use, which are different from ours. Also, our Software may be bundled with third-party software applications. By the same token, we have no responsibility for or control over these third-party applications, whose privacy and security policies and terms of use are different from ours. Before you use a third-party site or service, or download a third-party software application, you should always read and make sure you understand the owner’s privacy and security policies and terms of use.

How do I remove Surfing Safeguard?

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