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Becuase DMUninstaller might have been bundled with another program it is important that you were adequately informed about the full EULA (End User License Agreement) and Privacy Policy prior to installing.

DMUninstaller by Tuguu SL

License Agreement (EULA)

What is the EULA for DMUninstaller?

The following License Agreement have been republished from www.domaiq.com/en/terms.html and/or the program's installer.
Important, if you have DMUninstaller installed on your computer or you plan on installing it, please read the Terms below very carefully as there are potential issues that you should understand.
Recommendation: Remove DMUninstaller
Users must read the present terms of use of DomaIQ. The use of or access to this webpage implies the acknowledgement and the full acceptance of legal notices and conditions that are hereinafter detailed.

Likewise, the access and use of services provided to users by DomaIQ may be subject to special conditions, notices, instructions or terms that must as well be read and accepted without any reserve.

The acceptance of the present legal notice implies a legal agreement with binding effect between DomaIQ and the user, which must be full and unconditioned.
By using this site, you accept the terms and conditions that are hereinafter defined, and you accept that you have legal capability to comply and respond to this agreement.

2 Object
Through the website, DomaIQ facilitates the access, to users who wish to become affiliates (Publisher), to the Contents and Services developed by DomaIQ, in such a way that they both will collaborate in operating these Contents.
Likewise, being these conditions in effect, DomaIQ will provide its affiliates with tools aimed at the promotion of the services and contents of this website.

3 Access Conditions
Prior to partnering with DomaIQ, Publisher must register by filling in a form (Registration Form) which is in the website. DomaIQ reserves the right to accept or reject the registration request of any Publisher.
The information filled in the form by Publisher in the Registration form must be correct, updated and true and will be processed by DomaIQ within the terms stated in the Privacy Policy.

Registered users will be held responsible at any time for safeguarding their own password and will be responsible for any harmful consequence that might occur out of its improper use, as well as the transfer, disclosure or loss of the same.

4 Payouts services
Prior to the payment by DomaIQ of the gains generated by affiliates' activity, the Registration Form must be received properly completed, as per the terms specified in this present document.

Depending on the revenue generated by DomaIQ through the affiliate´s webpage, the affiliate will receive the amounts that are due to him/her based on the rates that apply in the control panel of the affiliate´s account.
These rates may be changed without any previous notices, based on the terms of the services DomaIQ achieves, putting the affiliate, in case of controversy, in the condition of terminating the exisiting partnership.

5 Conditions of use of the portal
The affiliate commits to make an adequate and legal use of the website and the Contents, compliantly with the applicable legislation and these present Conditions of Use of the website, the ethics, common sense generally accepted and public order, with the obligation of indemnifying DomaIQ for any harm that might occur out of a misuse of the website, in breach with these general conditions and or the current legislation.
The affiliate must refrain from:

1. Making a unauthorized and fraudulent use of the website and/or the Contents with illegal purposes and effects.

2. Accessing or attempting to access resources or protected areas of the website, without complying with the conditions required for this access.

3. Introducing or spreading in the network informatics virus or any other material or logic system that may turn harmful against the material and logic systems of the domain´s owner, providers and third parties.

4. Attempting to access, use or manipulate the data of domain´s owner, third parties affiliates and other users.

5. Deleting, hiding or manipulating the notices related to intellectual and industrial property rights as well as other data defining the rights of website´s holder or third parties involved in the Contents, as well as protection devices or any other information system that may apply to the Contents.

6. Obtaining or attempting to obtain the Contents, involving any means other than those that have been specifically set for these purposes or clearly indicated on the webpage where this Content is available, or, in general, other than those that are normally used in the Internet to avoid causing issues in the usage of the website and/or the Contents.

7. Harming or negatively affecting the reputation and the name of DomaIQ, their collaborators and providers of the Contents, committing to indemnify DomaIQ for the consequences that may derivate from a breach of any provisions.
Likewise, the affiliate is totally responsible for the advertising activity, which must be legally and legitimately operated, refraining from spreading mass mailing communications or SPAM, and for any means that he/she uses to promote the service, committing to indemnify DomaIQ for any damage caused directly or consequently to any requirement demanded by Public Administration or third parties, given the contents displayed, linked or advertised in any means used for the promotion of the service.

6 Intellectual and industrial property rights
The present webpage along with its source code and the Contents created by its holders or its collaborators, are protected by the current national and international legislation applicable to intellectual property, being the rights reserved, in such a way that the affiliate can use the Contents only in the way authorized in the website.

Notwithstanding the relation with the tools of promotion that DomaIQ provides affiliates with and for the time relation applies, DomaIQ grants affiliates a use licence that includes the transfer of the rights of public communication, on these tools, within the Internet and solely in relation to the promotion of the services and contents that are object of this site, being reserved all the other rights that current legislation recognizes to DomaIQ as holder of these rights.

7 Data protection policy
Prior to use certain services or access certain content, affiliates will need to provide personal data to DomaIQ.

DomaIQ applies to its affiliates its personal data protection policy in the section Privacy Policy.

8 External links
DomaIQ will not be hold responsible for those sites or files that can be accessed by the hypertextual links available in the website, as these linked pages fall under the responsibility of their own holders.

Therefore DomaIQ neither will approve or make its own the products, services, files and any other typology of material existing in these webpages or files, neither will not control or be responsible for the quality, legality, reliability and usefulness of the information, contents and services existing in the linked sites that are external to this webpage.
In the case it may be deemed appropriate or in the case a competent entity may declare the illegality of the data, ordering its removal, or in the case it may be impossible the access to those, or in the case any damages may have been communicated and we may have been notified with its solution, the links will be immediately removed.
9 Exclusion of warranties and responsibilities

DomaIQ commits to offer a satisfactory service, using for these purposes any available means to make available the service 24hours /7, committing in case of failure, as soon as this is known, to adopt any necessary measure to reestablish the service.
Nevertheless DomaIQ cannot ensure the effective restoration of the services and will not be responsible for any damage caused by the service withdrawal, if the withdrawal will be due to causes external to DomaIQ´s control like an extended interruption of any external supply, collapse of main nodes of the net, conflicts, third parties actions as well as updating of systems.

10 Actions in case of violation
DomaIQ reserves the right to undertake as many measures are available to claim responsibilities that might arise from the breach of any of these General Terms of Use of the website by a user.
DomaIQ may withdraw or suspend any time and without prior notice the supply of services to those users who fail to comply with the provisions of the present Legal Notice and Terms of Use.

11 Partial invalidity
Stating any of these general conditions as void, invalid or not applicable will not infringe the validity or enforceability of the remaining ones, which will continue to apply to both parties with binding effect.
The renounce , by either part, to claim compliance with any of these general conditions will not imply the renounce to claim the compliance with any other conditions, neither will create a vested right in the other party.

12 Applicable Law and Jurisdiction
The general conditions indicated in this document fall under Spanish law. Each party, with stated renounce to any other jurisdiction, will be subject to the Judges and Courts of the city of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, for the settlement of any controversy or legal dispute that might arise.

How do I remove DMUninstaller?

If you have DMUninstaller installed on your computer, you can easily remove it by downloading "Should I Remove It?", it installs in seconds (just click the download button below).
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