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About Lavasoft

Lavasoft is a development company that produces anti-spyware software, most known for Ad-Aware. It offers a free, downloadable version of Ad-Aware called Ad-Aware Free Antivirus+ and commercial versions called, Ad-Aware Personal Security, and Ad-Aware Pro Security. Other Lavasoft products include Lavasoft Digital Lock, Lavasoft Privacy Toolbox, Lavasoft File Shredder, and Lavasoft Registry Tuner.

Publisher description (from Lavasoft)

In 1999, computer viruses were the rage and been making headlines for years, but the term spyware was new and just beginning to show its menacing face. Computers around the world became ever more frustrated as hackers (out for monetary gain) were taking control of their PCs to show advertising, stealing their personal information, modifying their search results. With the first commercial application, Lavasoft became...  Read more
Publisher URL: www.lavasoft.com

Programs by Lavasoft

34 known major program versions, showing the top 25 most used.
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The Ad-Aware Security Add-on add-in is a Visicom branded toolbar that may change the default search and home page URLs of the user's web browsers during installation if the user elects to do so. The... More about Ad-Aware Security Add-on
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The Ad-Aware Browsing Protection add-in changes the default search and home page URLs of the user's web browsers. Installs a Visicom toolbar in your Web browser that collects and stores information... More about Ad-Aware Browsing Protection
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Ad-Aware is an anti-spyware and anti-virus program developed by Lavasoft that detects and removes malware, spyware and adware on a user's computer. According to Lavasoft, Ad-Aware detects spyware,... More about Ad-Aware
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The Ad-Aware Security Toolbar for Intenet Explorer and Firefox is a Conduit OurToolbar Community smartbar. The Toolbar installs into your Internet browser and allows you to search the Internet with... More about Ad-Aware Security Toolbar
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By using Registry Tuner regularly you can speed up and optimize your PC without expensive hardware upgrades. With just one click, Registry Tuner lets you increase your computer speed and stability by... More about Lavasoft Registry Tuner
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Benefit from superior program flexibility and more accurate scanning methods with all-new program architecture. Improved Code Sequence Identification (CSI) Technology – Boost your privacy protection... More about Ad-Aware 2007
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Toolbar Cleaner is an app from Visicom Media that allows you to select various toolbars installed on your PC and remove them. It is typically installed through bundled installers but could also be... More about Toolbar Cleaner
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Lavasoft File Shredder helps you take control of the information you don't want anyone else to get their hands on by permanently removing the files and all of their hidden copies. You know you should... More about Lavasoft File Shredder
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With prying eyes able to access all kinds of private data through your computer, you need strong solutions to ensure your security. The Lavasoft Privacy Toolbox will help you take full control of your... More about Lavasoft Privacy Toolbox
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LavaGuard Browsing Protection runs in the web browser as a toolbar and web extension. The web extension is primarily designed to take control of the user's browser in order to modify the search... More about LavaGuard Browsing Protection
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VX2 is one of the most problematic applications to remove from your computer. While Ad-Aware SE effectively deals with most VX2 variants, there are a few that none of today's available anti-spyware... More about VX2 Cleaner plug-in for Ad-Aware SE
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Our most comprehensive line of defense, Ad-Aware Total Security provides multiple layers of protection for complete PC security, including antivirus and anti-spyware, firewall, anti-phishing, email... More about Ad-Aware Total Security
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LavaGuard Toolbar was the beta name for the Ad-Aware Security Toolbar. Ad-Aware Security Toolbar constantly checks sites against a constantly updated list of reported phishing and malware infected... More about LavaGuard Toolbar
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Relieve the burden of worrying about identity theft with Lavasoft's strong encryption technology that protects your files and sensitive information. Browse the web with ease and connect your laptop or... More about Lavasoft Digital Lock