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Now what? After "Should I Remove It?" has finished downloading just run the downloaded setup file (ShouldIRemoveIt_Setup.exe). Setup is simple and installs a very minimal footprint that can of course be easily uninstalled. The installation will take you just a few seconds.

Some notes about the software

  • The software does not run in the background and you can manually run it at anytime.
  • To launch the software, and you have elected to add a shortcut to your desktop, just click the 'Should I Remove It?' icon.
  • If you have not added the shortcut to your desktop, you can launch it through Start > All Programs > Should I Remove It, and click the icon.
  • Uninstalling it is very easy. Either remove it from your Windows Add/Remove Programs in the Control Panel, or from Start > All Programs > Should I Remove It, and click the Uninstall icon.
  • When using the software, to get detailed information about a program, which we strongly encourage before removing it, click the program row then click the 'What Is It?' button to launch the Should I Remove It? website with complete details about the program. Just because a lot of users have decided to remove a program does not necessarily mean you should. Please know what you are removing before you do so, this is especially true for drivers and such.
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