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SettingsGuard by SmartCyberTechnology

License Agreement (EULA)

What is the EULA for SettingsGuard?

The following License Agreement have been republished from smartcybertechnology.com/eula.html and/or the program's installer.
Important, if you have SettingsGuard installed on your computer or you plan on installing it, please read the Terms below very carefully as there are potential issues that you should understand.
Recommendation: Remove SettingsGuard
This license applies to the software of SmartCyberTechnology.com. You should carefully read the following terms and conditions before using this software. Unless you have a different license agreement signed by SmartCyberTechnology.com Software your use of this software indicates your acceptance of this license agreement and warranty.

The Services
SmartCyberTechnology develops and offers you the downloadable Software and relates Services as detailed below, which are all governed by this Agreement.

Search Enhancements: You may add specific search services, where such services will be provided to you directly from your favorite browser. Some of the search enhancements may be automated or sponsored.

Changes to your preferences and system
When installing the Software, the following changes may occur in your system, where you can opt-out from any of these changes upon Installation. Please be advised that the changes may be applicable to some but not all operating systems and/or browsers, given their technical specifications:

New Tab Page: SmartCyberTechnology may change your new tab page on any of your browsers to add the SmartCyberTechnology new tab application or page. The new tab application or page uses some of your original preferences and access your last visited pages, bookmarks, most viewed pages and installed browser apps. Please note that none of this information is retained by SmartCyberTechnology on its Servers.

Changes In Default Search: SmartCyberTechnology may change your default search engine to add SmartCyberTechnology's (or any of SmartCyberTechnology's affiliates) search engine; SmartCyberTechnology's search engine is provided free of charge, and provides you with great search results.

Changes to your homepage: SmartCyberTechnology may change your homepage in any of your browsers to allow the SmartCyberTechnology's homepage application to provide you with better services.

Installing Browser Add-ons: In order to provide you with the services, SmartCyberTechnology may install browser add-ons, plugins or widgets to any and all of your browsers.

In addition the following components/processes may occur on your system:

Installing a Desktop Icon: In order to provide you with access to the services, SmartCyberTechnology may set desktop icons on your Desktop.

Preventing Unauthorized Use: In order to protect you from potentially unwanted software, SmartCyberTechnology tracks and monitors whether other applications have tried to change your homepage, new tab page or default search engines and notifies you when such changes occur. Furthermore, SmartCyberTechnology may track software which might try to prevent you from changing your homepage, new tab or default search engine, a change to which you consent and choose to conduct. In such event SmartCyberTechnology may perform the required technical modifications to comply with your choice.

Updates: In order to provide you with the most up-to-date version of the Software and/or Services, we may update the Software and/or Services once a new version is released. Such updates may include material changes to the Software, in such case you will receive a notification that will include a description of such material changes and the option to opt out before performing such updates.

Warranty and Liability
No Warranty: SmartCyberTechnology does not warrant for the Software and Services and supplies them on an “as-is” and “as-available” basis. Your use of Software and/or Services is at your own risk and under your liability. SmartCyberTechnology makes no warranty that (i) the Software and/or Services will meet your requirements, including providing you with any relevant information or reaching a relevant audience and (ii) the Software and/or Services will be uninterrupted, timely, secure, or error-free and (iii) the results that may be obtained from the Use of the Software and/or Services will be accurate or reliable and (iv) the quality of any products, services, information, or other material purchased or obtained by You through the Software and/or Services will meet your expectations, or (v) any errors in the Software and/or Services will be corrected.

No Liability: For no case and for no reason shall SmartCyberTechnology be held liable for any damage, direct or indirect, consequential, exemplary, physical or special, to you, any user or any 3rd party due to its miss-performance of duties herein. SmartCyberTechnology provides the Software and Service on an AS-IS basis and shall not be held liable, to the extent permitted by law, by any case of misconduct, negligence, gross negligence, malice or any other mean, to any damages or loss of property, including damages to: virtual property, reputation and business reputation, user Account information including login information, loss of profit, loss of good name, all resulting from the use or inability to use the Software and/or Services.

Governing Law
This Agreement will be governed by the laws of the United States.

This license is effective until terminated. Licensee may terminate it at any time by destroying all copies of the Software covered by this Agreement and all support files generated by the Software. It will also terminate if Licensee fails to comply with any term or condition of this Agreement. Licensee agrees that upon such termination to destroy this Software, including all copies, functionally-equivalent derivatives, and all portions and modifications thereof in any form. Installing this software confirms your understanding of and binds you to this licensing agreement.

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How do I remove SettingsGuard?

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